Pure Calming Ampoule 30Ml

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Benefits: Soothing ampoule straight away calms as well as moisturizes skin that is very sensitive for fresh, specific skin with radiance. Subacid formula can help regain maximum epidermis pH after face cleansing. Rejuvenating feel provides adequate moisture deep in skin burdenlessly without making stickiness, actually suited to oily skin type. Contain Centella Asiatica, Portulaca Oleracea and Tea Tree Extracts etc. that properly soothes skin for good condition. Hyaluronic Peptide and Acid contents assist improve moisture barrier of skin that is dried up with old skin cells for soft, skin that is soft exhibit. How you can use: one. Following face cleansing, alter skin structure with toner. two. Utilize a reasonable level of ampoule to confront on the epidermis texture. three. Gently dap with hands heat for more absorption.

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